We are more than just an Organisation, We are hope, You too could be the Same

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A woman holding a helpless Child's hand A farming project at the Uganda Women Farmers Development Association, UWUFADA Savings Group at the Uganda Women Farmers Development Association, UWUFADA Fish Farming at the Uganda Women Farmers Development Association, UWUFADA
UWUFADA Women making hand crafts

Our Core Values

We are Straight Forward, Transparent, Committed, Accountable, Loving and Caring

Our Mission

To work with Women, youth and helping Children by Emphasizing on Equipping and Empowering them to be Established in Commercialised Farming, Savings and Credits Schemes as the First line of Development through Conducting Seminars and Sensitizing them about their Rights and Domestic Violation Issues covering all that with Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as the Heart of the NGO

Our Vision

To Create a Viable and Condusive Environment for Women, the youth and Children through Sensitizing them about their Rights and Development so as to become Self Reliant and Responsible Citizens

Our Goal

To Network, Lobby and Advocate for Collective Responsibility of Honest and Dedicated delivery of Services for the general Welfare of the Women, Youth and Children in order to enable them improve on their Livelihood

Our Activities

UWUFADA deals with more than just farming. If it improves the Society, We are the Right Choice


We carry out Fundraising on various Functions out of which are able to get money for the various Activities such as Commercial Farming, Fish Farming, Charity as well as Empowerment of the Women, Youth and Children


We often Carryout Charity visits as one of our Strategies to Empower those who are unable to Catter for their Livelihood as well as Educate them about their Rights and how best they can Best dwell in the Society

Youth Empowerment

They are the future which is why we therefore strive hard to ensure that we help them in everyway possible, from encouraging innovations to giving them finacial advise as well as Facilitating them with Financial Assistance

Donation Campaigns

Help us help the Voiceless, Donate to our Campaigns

Code Green Campaign, a Uganda Women Farmers Development Association (UWUFADA) Donation Campaign

Code Green Campaign

As part of our efforts to create awareness in the Community, our Director Pastor Rwamaraki Ruth was recently one of the key speakers of the Code Green session held by Spirit

Quality Education for All, a Uganda Women Farmers Development Association (UWUFADA) Donation Campaign

Quality Education for All

With the increased School fares, donate of the low income parents are unable to send their Children to School. This Campaign is the source of funding for over 5000 Students, under our Bursary Program to be able to access Quality Education. Donate to us today

Save the Girl Child, a Uganda Women Farmers Development Association (UWUFADA) Donation Campaign

Save the Girl Child

1 in every 5 girls is Assaulted every week. Unfortunately only a few are able to rise up and fight for their Rights. This campaign is aimed at raising enough funding to help these innocent girls fight for themselves. Lets fight together. Donate today and you could save them

Our Stories

Changing Lives is what makes us who we are. Here are our Stories

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Confession time after preaching by the Director
Transforming Lives
Heres what we are
About Uwufada
Pr Rwamaraki Ruth is a great Director
Old man aged 79
Where there is a will
Wanya Ketra, 17
Denied Education


Our Recent Projects

Our Team

Here's the Wonderful Team making all this Possible

Pr. Rwamaraki Ruth, Founder and Director of the Uganda Women Farmers Development Association (UWUFADA)
Pr. Rwamaraki Ruth


What separates the Ordinary from the Extra Ordinary is the ability to help others without expecting anything in return and that is what we do at UWUDAFA. What makes it even much better is the Fact that your Generousity makes it all possible Thank you for your donations. You are Extra Ordinary

Rev. Col. John Rwegiza, Head Agricultural Officer at the Uganda Women Farmers Development Association (UWUFADA)
Rev. Con. John Rwegiza

Head Agricultural Officer

Over the years, most Ugandans have relied on farming as a source of food alone, which is where we come in. With the Donations, we are able to provide them with Farming Inputs as well as hold conferences to Educate them about Commercial farming and how they can improve their lives so thank you for making it Possible

Council Emma Kassah, Human Rights Lawyer at the Uganda Women Farmers Development Association (UWUFADA)
Council Emma Kassah

Human Rights Lawyer

Its wierd but also Sad at the same time to imagine the fact that most of our Children, especially the Girls are continously Mistreated and Assaulted as we watch. And with no one to turn to, they end up helpless, Our job is to Empower them and fight for their Rights

Together we can Create a better World for Women and Girls

You love giving, we do too. Get in touch with us today and we see how we can build a better Society together

  • Kampala, Namirembe Guest House
  • Uganda Martyrs House, Room 14
  • +256774525395

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Our Objectives

  • To Eradicate Poverty through Modern Farming Methods and Commercial Farming through Acquisition of Agricultural Inputs
  • To Encourage the Culture of Saving and Credit Schemes so as to come up with fully-fledged Savings and Credit Coorperative Societies
  • To Encourage Women Startup money generating Projects to Eradicate Poverty
  • Sensitize and Speak for the Voiceless
  • Carryout Fundraising to make our Aims Achievable


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